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48                                             OTK BEBELS BT
the possession of the rebels. He men whom the Seth had despatched as
an escort took fright and decamped ; But the jarnadar, By his adroit aiuswers
to all enquiries, was enabled to divert suspicion and bring Mr. ThornhiH safely
through to Agra. On the suppression of the disturbances, he received, as a
reward for his loyalty, a small piece of land on the Brinda-ban road, just out-
side Mathurd, called after the name of a Bair&gi who had once lived there,
Though the rebels stayed two days in Mathnra before they passed on to
Delhi, the city was not given up to general plunder3 partly in consequence of
the prudent management of Seth If angi Lai, who levied a contribution, accord-
ing to their means, on all the principal inhabitants. At this time Seth Lakh-
mi Chand was at Dig, but the greater part of Ms establishment remained
behind and rendered Government the most valuable assistance by the des-
patch of intelligence. Order in the city was chiefly maintained by Mir Imdad
AH Khan, tahsildar of Kosi, who had been specially appointed Deputy Col-
On the 26th of September, the rebels, in their retreat from Delhi, again
passed through Ifathtml    Their stay on this occasion lasted for a week, and
great oppression was practised on the inhabitants, both here and in the neigh-
bouring town of Brinda-ban.   They were only diverted from general pillage
by the influence of one of their own leaders, a siibadar from Nimachj by name
Hira Sinh, who prevailed upon them to spare the Holy City.   For a few days
there was a show of regular government; some of the chief officers In the
Collector's court, sueh as the Sadr KMnngo, Bahmainallahj the Sarishtadar,
Manohar Lei, and Wazir AH, on© of ihe mnhanirs, were taken by force and
compelled to issue the orders of the new administrators; while Matalvi Karamat
Ali was proclaimed in the Jama Masjid as the Viceroy of the Delhi Emperor.
It would seem tnat he also was an involuntary tool in iheir hands, as he was
subsequently put on Ms trial, but acquitted.   He is since dead.   It is said that
during iieir stay in the city the rebels found their most obliging friends
among &e Ma&nriya Chanbes, who, perhaps, more than any others, have grown
rich wad fat under the tolerance of British rule.   After threatening Brinda-ban
with "their cannon and levying a contribution on iihe inhabitants, i&ey moved
mway to BMbras and Baxeli   Mir Imdad Ali and the Seih returned from
Bkaatrfmr; and in October Mr, Thomhill axriYed from Agra wiiih a company
of te»p% which in ihe following moniih he marched up to Chhata*   Inhere the
zsmmite had taken $»osseasi0n of {be fortified M«% and one of its